Commercial Photography Testimonial

"We were very impressed with the photos taken, they were taken at different angles and looked very professional.  The turnaround of the pictures was very quick  (next day) and all the images were supplied on disc, the quality of the pictures was great,  they could be used for something very small or to be blown up very large.

We felt the brochure had a more professional look this year and that was greatly helped by the photos we used.  Thanks to Andy we now have a great stock pile of photos which we can use again and again.

I would recommend Andy for any photography work, he was very prompt when taking photos and giving the pictures back, very professional and made our students feel at ease."

Debbie Taylor
Thurrock Adult Community College

Commercial Photography

There is no substitute for experience where commercial images are required, you can try using the new photographer on the block at a reduced cost but all too often you can be left with photographs that for various reasons are not up to the standard that your printer needs or images that simply don’t portray your company in the way you desire.

We learnt many years ago to be prepared for the unexpected and always do as much research as is possible before the photo shoot. This means that when your photographer arrives they have the right equipment for the job, they are on time and dressed appropriately for the environment they will be working in. This simple approach is why we have retained many of our clients over the years.